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I'm Nic Perry, and I love solving problems for businesses. Whether that means streamlining processes, helping people be their best, or deciding how to compensate them, the tough questions are fun for me.

Let's grab lunch to talk about your biggest problem, or maybe even about where you would like me to join your organization (But it'll have to be good, I love my current job!).

I have experience in pretty much every area of business, this wide base helps me put together solutions others might not be able to see. Finance, HR, Operations, Technology, Culture, and in general managing everything it takes to keep a business growing and thriving with employees doing what you need.

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Undergrad: Majored in Finance, Minored in Psychology and Spanish - I realized pretty quickly that while I understood Finance well, it wasn't something I would enjoy doing every day. Operations was much more up my alley, and the more variety the better. Management, while also nice, felt like common sense after all the Psychology classes, I don't think there could be a better complement to management courses.

Masters: I continued to get my Masters of Business Administration. I focused on management, and was only a class shy of a project management certificate as well.

Work History

2008 - Present
Nic Perry Consulting and Projects

Since 2008, I've worked on at least one project or consulting gig at all times. I've built websites, done video production, helped startups in numerous ways, and tackled several bigger projects, like creating Letters Across Time.

2016 - Present
Director of Operations - Reynolds Defense Firm

As Director of Operations, I am the defacto head of HR, Finance, IT, and Operations. I have also tackled special projects like refining our sales process. I created a financing plan, implemented an interal wiki for policies and proceedures, created compensation guidelines, and I am currently working on moving the firm to a digital case management system. I've done all of that while helping the firm grow about 30%/yr and rank as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Portland last year.

2012 - 2015
Contract Analyst - Cerner Corp

As a Contract Analyst, I was sent to London, UK for almost a year to help refine and streamline our international processes and integrations between contracts, finace, legal, and sales; The existing processes were disjointed and creating a lot of issues as sales were processed in the US. I also helped refine other processes, and helped train everyone who joined the team during that time. My primary job as a Contract Analyst was to serve as the ultimate responsible party in creating contracts for projects from replacing a cable all the way up to 9 figure new implementations. I worked with all the above mentioned groups to help everyone meet their goals and create a contract that got the client what they needed and protected the company in all the important ways contracts do.

Residence Life Missouri State University

I worked for Residence Life in pretty much every student capacity, I worked with camps and conferences, served in multiple leadership positions, led a floor as a Resident Assistant, and ultimately worked in the Facilities Office as a graduate assistant during my MBA. In that position, I was responsible for a couple of large campus wide programs, and otherwise tackled anything that suited me better than it did the facilities cordinator and facilities director, or anything they didn't have time for, that meant tackling everything from hearing greivances from the custodial and maintenance teams, to meeting with hall directors as the voice of facilities, to creating videos and ordering furniture.

Personal Life

I live in SE Portland with my wife Rose and dog Arty. I love board sports, snowboarding in the winter, and wakeboarding in the summer. We love being outside in general with plenty of hiking and kayaking thrown in. I spend a lot of time on projects around the house, making, building, and repairing - all the things that come standard with a house from the 30s. I also play guitar and videogames when I can find the time between everything else. We also love to travel, while living in Europe we traveled extensively, last year we went to Peru, and we are thinking about Thailand for this year.



Because of that, I love to have lunch with managers and business owners to help talk through their biggest headaches and work through ways to tackle those problems. I love it so much, I don't charge for it. Just buy me lunch, and we'll jump into your problem for an hour. At best, you'll leave with the answer you needed, at worst, you will have a much beter definition of the problem and your goals. Most of the time, we will probably be inbetween, with a good direction and a couple options for you to decide from.

Currently, my main job is Director of Operations at a law firm. I spend my days doing the same thing, just with more time spent on implementation.

Start-up Consultant and Director of Operations

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