nic-perry-portrait 3I am interested in almost everything.  Really, I am, a goal in life is to be worthy of the title polymath.

I graduated from Missouri State University with an MBA with an emphasis in Management.  My undergrad was also at Missouri State, where I majored in Finance and Minored in Psychology and Spanish.

I am currently Director of Operations at Reynolds Defense Firm in Portland, OR. I am responsible for Finances, HR, Tech, Suppliers, and lots of projects. I implemented a wiki for all of our policies and procedures. I helped manage a location move. I am working on a comprehensive statistics tracking program. I have revamped numerous tools and functions like our payment tracker, timesheets, and letterhead programs.

My last job was to write contracts for a large company which is also ranked one of the most innovative.  Writing contracts sounds boring, but my region spanned from the Middle East to Scandinavia, to South America, so there was a lot of diversity.  These were also, historically, more loose regions, so a lot of my job was working to bring our global contracting processes more in line with what we did in the US and prepare things for the large global growth we expected to see in the coming years.

To that end, my company sent me to London, UK for a while to work more closely with our global sales, finance, and contracting to help make changes to smooth things out.  While we are were there, my wife and I are traveled as much as we could, taking in all that Europe had to offer, while also working on a number of side projects.

My side projects are something I can be much more passionate about, they let me express my creative side and some of them allow me to push my wife to stretch her own skills as we both grow and try to make bigger, better things.  You can read all about my projects on the projects tab, with more to come, I have about a dozen more ideas I just need time and resources to get started. I also have a couple ideas currently In the works. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our dog, traveling, playing guitar, reading, and learning.

If you have any more questions about me, just ask, I am extremely open about myself.



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