Facebook Live Streaming on a Budget

Facebook Live Streaming on a Budget

I've had a few people lately ask me about equipment for higher quality streaming to Facebook with better options like multiple cameras.  I just wanted to write a really short post about what you need.

1. Software:

You need OBS, a free software package that can help you control everything and connect to Facebook.  You can download it at this link.  Download  There are lots of walk throughs on the exact software setup to get it to work.  The important thing is that it will let you run multiple cameras and stream from your computer instead of your phone/tablet.

2. Hardware:


Everything you need is USB powered, so depending on your computer, you may need a hub like this one to have enough ports:


You could spend a lot more, for really excellent quality, or find something for less, but something like this Logitech webcam is a really solid middle ground, that is almost definitely better than what you have, and is still really cheap.


If you are really tight, the webcam I linked to also has a microphone, which should at least be better than what you have built in, but if you have a little more, one of these will serve you well.  With microphones, you want something dynamic, a condenser microphone sounds great but picks up background noise far too easily so you need a very quiet environment. For that reason, all my suggestions are dynamic, even though they might cost a little bit more.   Any of these will do well, just depending on the aesthetic you are looking for.

I haven't used this one, but at this price, it is worth a shot,

The next cheapest from Samson should be really solid, I have used the brand.

Headset mics are all going to be dynamic, there isn't room in them to be a condenser.  Most of them aren't that great, but they are very easy to use correctly, because they are always right in front of your mouth.  With headsets, as long as it has decent reviews and you like the way it looks, it should work well for you.  You can view a lot of them at Amazon here.


This stand is cheap but will really help you put the mic exactly where you want it.  I have this one and really like it.

Even the best cameras will have trouble without proper lighting.  This is a bare bones kit to help you get better lit videos, depending on your subject and how well lit your space is, you may be fine without it, or you might need something more extensive. 

Closing Notes

This is definitely a beginning setup, there are much better devices out there, if you are looking for something higher end, let me know a price range, and I can give you a good idea of what to get in that range, but these tools will make your quality far better than most other streamers out there right now!

What do you think?