Nic Perry

Facebook Live Streaming on a Budget

I've had a few people lately ask me about equipment for higher quality streaming to Facebook with better options like multiple cameras.  I just wanted to write a really short post about what you need.

1. Software:

You need OBS, a free software package that can help you control everything and connect to Facebook.  

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Hello Portland

So, this is a bit late, but we are now in Portland, well, Gresham, OR to be specific.  After coming back from London, we knew we wanted to move west, and Portland seemed like a great fit.

My wife is a High School Art teacher out here, and is enjoying that.  … Read the rest...

New Website

Nic Perry logoWelcome to the new website.  I first created a personal website years ago, when I had first started building websites, and tried to offer a little bit of everything, websites, VHS to DVD, logos, everything I thought I could contribute.  While I haven’t actively tried to do any of those things for at least 3 years, just picking up what comes along, I never had the time to update my website. … Read the rest...