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Now page inspired by Derek Sivers


Photo is of us right before leaving for a New Year's party downtown. It's the most recent photo I have not hiding under a snowboarding helmet.


I'm the Director of Operations at a law firm in Portland, OR. My main project there right now is fine tuning our move to paperless files earlier this year.


I'm mainly working on Letters Across Time and trying to help out startups in little ways through free lunch consultations.


I live in SE Portland with my wife Rose and dog Arty. Now that snowboarding season is over I've been tackling all the projects around the house that we had been putting off, putting in a pool heater, wiring the generator I've had for a couple years, and that sort of thing. We've been trying to enjoy the nice days, spending more time kayaking or otherwise in/on the water. Rose just left for Thailand to do volunteering with elephants, I'll head that way later this summer for a couple weeks of vacation and traveling around Thailand.

Last update June 28, 2019

Start-up Consultant and Director of Operations

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