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Now page inspired by Derek Sivers


Photo is of us right before leaving for a New Year's party downtown. It's the most recent photo I have not hiding under a snowboarding helmet.


I'm the Director of Operations at a law firm in Portland, OR.


I'm mainly working on Letters Across Time and trying to help out startups in little ways through free lunch consultations.


I live in SE Portland with my wife Rose and dog Arty. It's winter now, so I spend a day pretty much every weekend snowboarding at Timberline on Mt Hood. Around the house, we just finished putting new windows in our sunroom. I also got a PS4 VR kit for christmas, so we have been playing that a ton. Last summer we went to Peru, and this summer we will be headed to Thailand. Rose will spend a little extra time there, volunteering at an elephant nursery.

Last update February 20, 2019

Start-up Consultant and Director of Operations

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