Photography and Videography

photography_logoPhotography for Memories is the photography and videography company that my wife and I run.  We do just about everything, from wedding and portraits to corporate and events, with the ability to print at an event.

Event photography with on-site printing is the most fun.  We are able to bring out lighting, backdrops, and printers to set up a photo area, similar to High School dances, except we are able to print on site and give them out right there.  We can also bring western props, or use a greenscreen to add any background.

You can find out more at Photography for Memories, and/or view the gallery below.

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I've also done a lot of video, often together with Photography for Memories, but also as myself.  Below is some of the different types of video I have shot, and some example videos.

I have done video for corporate events, where I just provide footage to the Client for them to edit and use however they need.

I created the first two Move In videos for Missouri State University.

I have created videos for programs when I worked with Residence Life, like the below video on bathroom etiquette.

I film weddings with 3-4 cameras and 1-2 cameramen, with a full length video and a highlight video.  This is actually one of my first ones, with much older technology, I never uploaded my more recent ones, but it gives you a basic idea of my style, I still place cameras in the same basic places.

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