New Website

New Website

Nic Perry logoWelcome to the new website.  I first created a personal website years ago, when I had first started building websites, and tried to offer a little bit of everything, websites, VHS to DVD, logos, everything I thought I could contribute.  While I haven’t actively tried to do any of those things for at least 3 years, just picking up what comes along, I never had the time to update my website.  At this point, it felt almost embarrassing, so I finally put in the time to get the site updated.

nic-perry-portrait 2Most of my side projects have their own websites now, except web design, but I’m not actively seeking anything there, so this website can focus more on being about me, and providing an outlet for writing.

I plan to write about a little bit of everything: books I read, games I play, articles I find, current events, projects I am undertaking, things I learn and things I had forgotten I knew.  I hope that it will be interesting, informative, and helpful.

I’m a fairly open book, so if you have any questions about me, just send me an email, I’ll try to either get back to you, or maybe write a post about it.

What do you think?