Hello Portland

Hello Portland

So, this is a bit late, but we are now in Portland, well, Gresham, OR to be specific.  After coming back from London, we knew we wanted to move west, and Portland seemed like a great fit.

My wife is a High School Art teacher out here, and is enjoying that.  I have been concentrating on consulting work, working with several start-ups in the Portland area, helping in a variety of areas, like business planning, marketing, customer acquisition, and investor relations.  It has been a lot of fun and a nice change of pace.  I’ve also been trying to find more time for my side projects, but the toughest part seems to be picking which one to do next, which I suppose is a pretty good problem to have.

Portland is great, especially our location, close to lots of great hiking, waterfalls, Mt. Hood, the city, and not too far from the ocean so we can go fishing.  The start-up scene out here is fantastic, so many people are trying to start great new things.  Also, people in start-ups seem far more approachable and eager to help others than you might expect.  People are just generally quite friendly.

Friends, you definitely need to come visit.  For those in the area, I’d love to meet, learn more about what you are up to and see if there is anything I can do to help.

What do you think?